“ I grew up in a pastor’s home and have been in church all my life. I always appeared to have it together, in school, sports and later as a professional. I was a Christian, but inside there was a deep sense of emptiness and pain. Overcomers provided a safe environment of compassion and accountability in which I could be real about who I was and honest when I failed. It’s been 16 years since I graduated from Overcomers. I still have challenges, but I don’t quit! Charles always said, “You can’t lose if you won’t quit.” I’m not a loser, I’m an Overcomer – it’s who I am, not what I do.”
“ Overcomers has changed my life. I suffered with clinical depression for years and Overcomers helped me in my healing process. I have so much more joy in the Lord. I praise God for His faithfulness.”
“For 32 years I was a drug addict. I could never get past it. In 32 years I must have quit using drugs a thousand times. I’ve been to prison 3 times, parole violators 3 times, and I’m currently on paper until 2017. There was no way out for me, no matter what I tried. I could do okay for a while, but I always slid back down the side of the hill. It was in one of those low places, while I was incarcerated, that I discovered the Overcomers program. Inmates who participated in the Overcomers program could get credit in parole for it and that was my initial motivation. But near the end of the 90-day program I really began to read the workbook. I saw myself on the pages. I saw the things that were hurting inside me, things that could be changed and help for me get free from all the pain I had suffered. One day I was reading my workbook and thought, “My gosh! That’s me! How did these people know this?” As I continued working my daily lessons the hope for real freedom grew inside me. Today, almost six years later, I work in an inner-city ministry and I’m able to teach the program to others who are just like I was. Christ is our victory and Overcomers is a tool for us to learn to walk in His victory.”