Equipped to help alcoholics and addicted people

I have come to realize that this book really works! The lessons help you look inside yourself, regain your self-worth and enable you to help others. A pastor in East Ghana embraced me after completing the workbook and said, “I will no longer avoid alcoholics and addicted people since you have equipped me to help them.”

Joshua Baah-Binney, Director, Overcomers Ghana
Accra, Ghana, West Africa

Positive change in lives

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Programs and Services Division, offers and recognizes the Overcomers program as an addition to, and in lieu of, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other self-help programs. This popular program is available at nine units and there is a high interest in the program. Participants have said it is personal and demanding as they keep a daily diary in their workbooks and credit the program for positive changes in their lives. The Overcomers Recovery Support Program is a beneficial part of our programs and services.

June Groom, Assistant Director
Programs and Services Division
Texas Department of Criminal Justice



Free from addiction & imprisonment

In 1985 I became acquainted with the Overcomers program and the workbook “A Daily Choice.” I saw how it could be an effective tool to help prisoners struggling with life-controlling problems. Our ministry was granted permission to develop Overcomers support groups in two Georgia State prisons. Over the years I watched how God used this program to change people’s lives.

In 1992, our ministry headquarters relocated to Dallas, Texas, where we organized an Overcomers group in a state prison. The reception was overwhelming. During the last five years, approximately 100 prisoners graduate from the Overcomers program every 90 days, and a waiting list remains full for each new series of weekly Christ-centered, 12-step meetings.

My wife and I recently spoke at an Overcomers graduation ceremony in this prison. As we walked into the chapel, a man in his mid forties approached us and asked if I was responsible for getting the Overcomers program in the prison. When I answered “yes,” he hugged me and burst into tears. As he regained his composure he said, “Overcomers saved my life. I have been through seven or eight rehab programs, but it wasn’t until I got into Overcomers that I found freedom.” Today he is free from his addiction, free from prison and living a productive life.

Through the efforts of Worldwide Voice in the Wilderness, the Overcomers program has been approved by the Texas Depart of Criminal Justice, both the Chaplaincy and Substance Abuse Treatment Departments, to organize Overcomers recovery support groups in all 114 Texas prisons. Certified teachers are facilitating Overcomers 12-step meetings in numerous Texas prisons, while more trainees are preparing to teach the program in U.S. and international prison systems.

We have also established Overcomers groups in four local churches. In our own church, Hillcrest Church in Dallas, the Overcomers group is changing lives by helping people find victory over life-controlling problems and stability within the Body of Christ. I encourage every pastor to contact the Burtons for information on starting an Overcomers group in your church.

The best thing I can say is to quote a prison warden who said to me, “Overcomers works!”


Rev. Johnny Moffitt, President
Worldwide Voice in the Wilderness Prison Ministry
Coalition of Prison Evangelists (COPE)
Richardson, Texas

The Overcomers program is a liberating asset to pastors

I can’t count the number of times that as I walked a church member out of my office I felt like I had not given usable advice or even scratched the surface of the problem. They had shared with me that they were having difficulty with their marriage and/or work. However, I sensed the problem that was destroying their life had never been addressed. I was reluctant to ask if they had a chemical abuse problem . . . because I didn’t know what to do if they said, “Yes.”

My pride wanted to say that, “Surely none of my church members would have a problem like that – especially if they sat under my preaching on a regular basis.” An immediate sense of relief came when I admitted that there could be people in my congregation that might have a chemical abuse problem and that there was a program called Overcomers that could truly assist these folks.

I discovered that Overcomers was a program that would not only help the person to break the stronghold on their lives, but at the same time it gave them the “how to” of going “deeper” in their walk with Christ. The Overcomers Ministry through our church has definitely become an extension of my ministry as Pastor. I have seen people come from a chemically controlled life to a vital and vibrant asset to our body of Christ. I have seen fathers regain the respect they had lost with their spouse and children. This program builds a commitment and a sense of concern and care that far exceeds the commitment I’ve seen in many “regular” church members. Our Overcomers Ministry cares and ministers to not just the abuser but also to the abuser’s entire family. They understand how such a lifestyle can undermine the family unit. They exercise a “tough love” among themselves that is fleshed out in the changed lives of individuals and their families.

I would encourage every Pastor to listen intently to the message that Overcomers can bring to their church. This is not a program to fear. Overcomers is not a threat to your ministry . . . it is a liberating asset! This is a ministry that can do something that you as Pastor cannot do . . . come along side a chemical abuser and assist them on a return journey that will regain their respect and integrity.


Sincerely in Christ,
Dr. Bob Price, Pastor
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Terrell, Texas