This is a recovery plan that works!

This VIDEO series of 6 DVDs, plus 1 workbook, has 23 sessions professionally filmed with the Burtons’ support group. The sessions are lively, candid, often humorous and intensely focused on life-changing principles from God’s Word. The Burtons teach how we can change our behaviors and move beyond our life-controlling problems into a life of peace and success.

Students share their victories and failures in their efforts to overcome alcoholism, addictions to prescription and illegal drugs, sexual addictions and pornography, codependency, eating disorders and gambling. Many participants in the Overcomers program are suffering the effects of childhood abuse. They attend meetings and study the workbook to overcome fear, inferiority, rage, shame or other emotional disorders created by various types of abuse.

This series is ideal for churches, support groups, rehabilitation centers and prisons. Pastors who are not familiar with the specifics of working with addicts, alcoholics and codependents are thrilled to offer this series to their congregations. Prison officials applaud the Overcomers program for its clear, simple teaching of recovery education balanced with Biblical principles and behavior modification. Hospitals and treatment programs appreciate the availability of a Christian recovery program based on spiritual principles that are easily applicable to daily life and do not conflict with the 12-step recovery format.