Equipping dedicated Christian volunteers to facilitate Overcomers support groups.

This series is designed to enable pastors, rehab center directors, prison chaplains and prison substance abuse departments to train Christian volunteers as Instructors of the Overcomers Recovery Support Program. This specially priced set of materials includes: 3 DVDs (6 hours of instruction), outline booklets for six students (12 total), 6 A Daily Choice workbooks and a disk containing forms you will need to conduct your support group.

Pastors who are not familiar with the specifics of working with addicts, alcoholics and codependents, will gain vital insight and educational tools to build a successful support group and to train dependable volunteers for leadership. Prison chaplains and substance abuse counselors applaud the Overcomers program for its clear, simple teaching of recovery education balanced with Biblical principles and behavior modification. Inmates can no longer use Christianity as their excuse for not attending the required 12-Step meetings. Hospitals and treatment centers, responding to requests for a more spiritually oriented component of recovery, appreciate the availability of a Christian program that is easily applicable to daily life and does not conflict with the 12-Step recovery format.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) endorses the Overcomers program as “equal to or in lieu of other recovery programs,” in all Texas prisons, probation and parole offices. Inmates sentenced to recovery support groups while incarcerated may choose this Christ-centered 12-Step program.

The two instructional sessions of the Leadership Training Seminar are:

  1. The Successful Recovery Support Program – ‘how to’ establish the program; outline of weekly meetings; working with difficult people and situations; detailed illustrations personal success and failure in recovery.
  2. The way you handle the hurts of your past will Determine Your Future – explanation of how childhood emotional trauma evolves into dysfunctional adult behaviors; how abuse causes us to believe lies about God, about others and about ourselves; Biblical and psychological principles work together to free us from emotional misery.

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