Not Me, It’s a Trap


Your children will be tempted to use addictive drugs. What should you do?

You should prepare them! The colorful images and characters will teach young children how to respond appropriately when tempted to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Charles Burton holds a Master of Arts in addictive disease counseling. His 35 years of counseling experience include his position as executive director of a 150-bed rehabilitation center and personal mentoring of recovering addicts and alcoholics. Burton’s own struggle with alcoholism until age thirty supplied painful clarity of how addictions negatively affect families.

Burton is co-founder of Overcomers Recovery Support, an addictions recovery program for adults. With his wife, Sharon, he authored the 90-day recovery workbook, A Daily Choice, Overcoming Life-controling Problems, a personal study curriculum for adults in recovery.


Product Description

The characters and exciting plot of Not Me, It’s a Trap! will make it easy for you to talk with children about experimenting with drugs. It entertains, and explains the dangers and prepares children how to respond without making them feel lectured. You can teach your children to make the right choice, Not Me, It’s a Trap!

This book was written by Overcomers co-founder, Charles Burton.

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