This is a recovery plan that works! Through the pages of the 90-day workbook, A Daily Choice, Overcoming Life-controlling Problems, people from all backgrounds are finding freedom from addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, codependency issues, eating disorders, sex addictions, violence and criminal behaviors. Daily lessons help you discover root causes of emotional and spiritual road blocks that have kept you trapped in a cycle of confusion, addiction and wrong choices. The practical solutions presented in the A Daily Choice workbook are based on solid Biblical principles and have been powerfully proven effective in thousands of lives since 1985. A Daily Choice, Overcoming Life-Controlling Issues explains in simple terms how God’s life-changing principles can transform your life. You can overcome your failures, regain your self-respect and take control of your future. Available in English and Spanish. Please be sure to choose which language you need below before ordering. ORDER ONE CASE OR MORE (minimum 24 books) AND RECEIVE AN OVER 25% PER BOOK DISCOUNT!