Established in 1985, the Overcomers Recovery Support Program is a “user friendly” method for churches, treatment centers and prisons to provide a spiritual plan of recovery for people struggling with life-controlling problems.

Millions of people are fighting silent, losing battles with alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, pornography and sexual addictions, eating disorders, violence, criminal activities, or feelings of inadequacy and failure. Through self-help books, talk shows and the Internet, it has become easy to research the subject of recovery. People have been inspired to renew spiritual commitments, get involved in a local church or develop a willingness to change. Maintaining emotional and spiritual stability for a lifetime, however, involves more than knowledge; it requires changes in attitudes and behaviors, and most of all, a relationship with God.


The Overcomers Program has a long established history of success through weekly meetings and the 90-day recovery workbook A Daily Choice, Overcoming Life-controlling Problems, by Charles and Sharon Burton. The daily lessons are personal and there is no specific evaluation of your written work. You are asked to faithfully attend a minimum of 12 weekly meetings and complete one easy to understand lesson each day for 90 days. Meetings are open to adults who desire spiritual and emotional support while overcoming addictions, compulsive behaviors or codependency. Our support groups maintain a positive atmosphere of acceptance, practicality and encouragement. Observing the principle of confidentiality creates a safe environment for discussing difficult issues or disclosing painful emotional wounds. Your participation in weekly support meetings and completion of the daily lessons will provide direction for your successful future.


Our commitment is to give you friendship, prayer and acceptance, along with the educational and spiritual tools to help you overcome your life-controlling problems. A better understanding of God’s love and forgiveness will help you make appropriate daily choices and regain your self confidence. You can use your failures as stepping stones to make necessary lifestyle adjustments and take control of your future.

Prison substance abuse treatment departments and chaplaincy programs have searched for a balance between the necessity for inmates to attend 12-step programs and the inmates who claim they do not need 12-step meetings because they participate in religious programs. Wardens, chaplains and substance abuse treatment directors praise the Overcomers program for a curriculum that meets the needs of substance abuse education and spiritual programming in the 90-day, 12-step workbook, A Daily Choice, Overcoming Life-controlling Problems.

“Overcomers has changed my life. I suffered with clinical depression for years and Overcomers helped me in my healing process. I have so much more joy in the Lord. I praise God for His faithfulness.”
Cindy S.
For 22 years I was a drug addict who didn’t care about anyone or anything if it didn’t benefit me personally. I’ve been in and out of treatment programs and jail, but nothing ever took hold of me until I went to an Overcomers class while in prison. I knew I couldn’t stay clean on my own, and for the first time ever I realized that I wasn’t alone; Christ was right there beside me every step of the way.

While I finished my prison sentence, the Daily Choice workbook taught me ‘step by step’ how to deal with the rough times. The week after I was released, I started attending an Overcomers meeting at a local church. I’ve learned how to live my life free of drugs, trusting Jesus in all things. I finally know what it’s like to have peace, hope and love as a daily part of my life.

Kay E.